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Josephine Ng, Registered Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Having been through my own health challenges from childhood and periods of debilitating pain from mysterious gut problems and more, I know what it is like to feel frustrated, anxious and at times, helpless. Since discovering nutritional therapy whilst living in the UK, my journey has turned to not only healing myself but also a commitment to help others on their personal road to recovery and beyond.

There is no one magic bullet. Each of us has our own rich and diverse ecosystem, driven by a complicated web of interconnected body systems with mutual dependencies to function optimally.

Where you are today is an accumulation of years of personal experiences and toxic exposures, that choke the waters of your body systems like weeds, which need to be unraveled and cleared.

Working with the client is like peeling the layers of an onion. Along the way we may shed tears, yes, me too! My aim is to turn tears of pain to tears of joy.

Often a change in life’s circumstances triggers the impetus to prioritise health. As a young adult I did not appreciate fresh, whole foods and had practically no cooking skills. A move to London forced me to teach myself to cook. A search for answers to my health problems and dissatisfaction with my job led me to the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) to study nutritional therapy. This opened the door to Functional Medicine and I have not looked back. I gave up my well-paid job as a financial journalist, rode the roaster coaster of fear and elation as I went from helping myself to helping total strangers.

Now more than a decade later and having lived in three different countries, my passion for Functional Medicine-based nutrition is as strong as ever and learning never stops. I have wide experience working with chronic and complex health issues with special interests in digestive health, thyroid and adrenal function, metabolic syndrome, immune and autoimmune regulation.

Besides medical tests, I employ functional testing and nutrigenomic profiles. I’m a certified DNALife Practitioner and a Graduate of the Applying Functional Medicine In Clinical Practice (AFMCP™-UK) course.

I ensure the client’s plan works safely with conventional medical treatments. I have worked alongside medical doctors, acupuncturists and other complementary practitioners in London and Hong Kong prior to returning to Singapore at the end of 2014.

I’m a member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (www.bant.org.uk) and the Institute for Functional Medicine (www.ifm.org). I’m registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (www.cnhc.org.uk)