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Medical Intuition

Medical intuition is an energetic process that perceives a person’s eternal story to bring about healing in the current life.


It can cut right through the maze to the origins of unresolved health or life challenges. It can detect and clear old programmes that keep you stuck and replace these with new “software” that creates new possibilities. Or it can peel, reveal and allow you to work through issues layer by layer.


What is revealed depends on the individual’s willingness and readiness, both at the conscious and deeper subconscious levels.

On the physical level, medical intuition may perceive where in the body potential health problems could be occurring and the physical contributing factors. It is also used to get deeper insights into known challenges at levels beyond the physical.


We could illustrate using Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s 5 levels of healing model.


There are various methods to access these different levels to get to the core of a matter. I use my innate intuition and connection to what I call Universal Intelligence to travel through the many dimensions of a person’s existence.

Who would benefit from Medical Intuition?

Those who are open to exploring dimensions beyond the physical
·     to gain insight into the underlying cause of health conditions, especially for those who face blocks in their recovery or whose symptoms seemed to be a mystery.
·     to understand difficult or frustrating life challenges especially those with repeating patterns or intense emotions.

What happens in a session?

We start by sitting in a quiet meditative state. With your permission I “scan” your auric field, body and organs.


I will relay whatever I pick up intuitively – these may be colours, images, thoughts, feelings, words or energetic attachments. More often than not, you would know what these mean. If not, I will guide you to work out what the information suggests or what it may relate to.


I may illustrate what I perceive on paper.


I encourage you to engage during the session e.g. in the healing steps or scanning yourself. I will usually give some homework at the end.


Active participation helps you to take responsibility for your own life. I am simply the guide or facilitator on your healing journey.


Disclaimer: Medical intuition is not a substitute for proper medical care. It does not diagnose or treat medical conditions.

Example of a session illustration

What Clients Say