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Our Team

Kang Kok Hua, Health Coach

Moving onward from his corporate career, Kang’s journey into health coaching was inspired by two ambitions. The first is to contribute to Singapore’s focus on mitigating chronic diseases. Secondly, to use his passion and skills to create enduring positive impacts on the well-being of others.

Besides being an avid bio-hacker, his health and fitness attainments include being a Boston marathon qualifier, Spartan Trifecta achiever and 17 consecutive years of zero sick leave at work before retiring from the corporate world.

Kang has extensive coaching experience that, although gained in a corporate setting, is highly relevant to health coaching as his expertise is in areas relating to personal change and development. He is a certified coach for the Metabolic Balance nutrition programme (link to Metabolic Balance). He is trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities that include detoxing, dietary supplementation, blood sugar balancing and lifestyle management tools.

Kang recognizes the effectiveness of the Functional Medicine approach to health and is currently training with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

He enjoys cooking and is able to show clients how to put together a meal suited to their specific needs.