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Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit

Does ill health start in the body or in the mind?

We live in times where we face constant demands and toxins from outside and inside ourselves. Toxins could be from food, air, water, electromagnetic fields and from people who undermine us. Our energy is depleted and we are so overwhelmed that our bodies feel they are at war.


We may do everything well in the physical sense – change our diet, exercise, take extra nutrients – yet we may hit the wall on our road to recovery. We can’t ignore the power of the mind and spirit. The body responds to our thoughts and emotions. Fear, anger, feeling rejected, disconnected, being in victim mode and other negativities we are holding can impede the effectiveness of a protocol.


On the flip side, being at peace, feeling joy, empowered, supported and laughing out loud can multiply the healing effect.

Whatever your challenges – be they chronic illnesses or otherwise – these do not define you. There are many tools available to help balance mind, body and spirit, from journaling, simple deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, affirmations, meditation, mindfulness to more esoteric practices.


Wherever you are in the world, local meet-up groups are a great way to try some of these tools if you are new to them. There are plenty of such practices you could try at home via You Tube as well. We hope you will be able to find at least one that resonates and works for you.