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  “The growing burden of chronic diseases, which arise from an evolutionary mismatch between past human environments and modern-day living, may be central to rising rates of depression. Declining social capital and greater inequality and loneliness are candidate mediators of a depressiogenic social milieu. Modern populations...

CHECK YOUR LONGEVITY WITH THESE EASY TESTS Guess how long flamingoes live? It seems on average they live 20-30 years and could live up to 50 years in a zoo. I’m not advocating unnatural environments but for a bird, even living 20-30 years in the wild...

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? Stomach bloating Nausea when taking supplements Burping Reflux Flatulence (smelly) Weak, cracked or peeling nails Iron deficiency Other minerals deficiencies B12, folate deficiencies Dilated capillaries in cheeks and nose Rosacea Chronic intestinal (small) infections Depression, anxiety due...