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We tackle complex health issues by partnering cutting-edge science with the wisdom of the holistic approach. One size does not fit all. We welcome you to work with us to find your unique way forward to great health and vitality.

In person in Singapore, via Skype for overseas clients. An extensive review of your case history, diet, lifestyle and life experiences will be conducted to find out why and how you could have arrived at your current state of health.


Both conventional medical and advanced functional investigations may be used to uncover underlying weaknesses like nutrients deficiencies, toxic overloads, body systems imbalances and genetic predispositions.


Intensive seminars on the ins and outs of complex health issues and interactive workshops to empower you to take charge of your health. Conducted in various countries in Asia.


An energetic modality that uses innate intuition to gain insights into health and life challenges. It taps into dimensions beyond the physical realms to uncover the root causes of issues and the steps for healing.


Nutritional Therapist Josephine Ng has over a decade experience in helping people with complex and chronic health issues, including gastrointestinal conditions, thyroid and adrenal function, metabolic syndrome, immune and autoimmune regulation. She ensures the client’s plan works safely with conventional medical treatment.

“Having been through my own health challenges from childhood and periods of debilitating pain from mysterious gut problems and more, I know what it is like to feel frustrated, anxious and at times, helpless.

Since discovering nutritional therapy whilst living in the UK, my journey has turned to not only healing myself but also a commitment to help others on their personal road to recovery and beyond.

There is no one magic bullet. Each of us has our own rich and diverse ecosystem, driven by a complicated web of interconnected body systems with mutual dependencies to function optimally. Where you are today is an accumulation of years of personal experiences and toxic exposures, that choke the waters of your body systems like weeds, which need to be unraveled and cleared.

Working with the client is like peeling the layers of an onion, along the way we may shed tears, yes, me too! My aim is to turn tears of pain to tears of joy.”

Our mission is encapsulated in these three words. Teaching starts the client on his healing journey and inspiration creates the curiosity and passion to keep learning and taking responsibility for one’s own health. These together lead to vibrant health for the long term.


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