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Let Food be Thy Medicine and
Thy Medicine be Thy Food


Food is one of the major risk factors in chronic illnesses. Yet it is the easiest risk to modify. By choosing good quality food with the right combination of nutrients, food becomes your health’s best friend and protector.


Here are examples of food plans we recommend to clients to help with specific health issues.


To receive a free copy of the food plans, please click on Download and submit your name and email. Please consult with your healthcare professional before beginning any of these food plans.


Stewed Healing Apples | Download

Beneficial for the digestive tract and to improve mucosal tolerance.


Bone Broth | Download

For healing gut permeability (leaky gut) which may be the root cause of health issues such as autoimmune conditions, inflammatory conditions and food sensitivities.


Low FODMAP Diet | Download

May be helpful for those suffering from IBS and small bowel bacteria over growth.

Woman has itch on gray background

Low Histamine Foods | Download

Helpful for those with histamine intolerance.