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Consultations are usually face-to-face in the Singapore clinic. But if you are unable to attend the clinic due to illness, residing in another country or other exceptional circumstances, you may opt for Skype or Face Time consultations.

The first consultation is 90-100 minutes. Follow-up sessions are 30 minutes to an hour. Packaged consultations are available.


When you book your first consultation, you will be given a detailed health questionnaire and terms of engagement (TOE) form.


Please take time to fill in the information, including the food and lifestyle diary, required in the health questionnaire. This gives Josephine preliminary information about your health and family history, dietary habits, nutrient status and lifestyle.


If you have undertaken tests before, please obtain a copy and email them together with your completed health questionnaire to Josephine at least three working days before your appointment.


If the consultation is for a child, up to 10 years old, you will be given the child health questionnaire. For children above 10, the adult health questionnaire will be used.


Please read and sign in duplicate the TOE form and return these to Josephine.

In Session

Here’s where you fill in the gaps. Having reviewed your health questionnaire and previous test results,

Josephine will probe you for more details. She’ll be listening closely to your life story and key events,


Through the lens of Functional Medicine, Josephine will analyse and explain possible underlying causes and imbalances that have brought you to your current situation.


Where relevant, she will recommend medical and/or functional testing.


She will discuss and agree with you an initial plan, with advice on food and some lifestyle tips.


Subsequent consultations will review the results of your lab evaluations and further tailor your programme to reach deeper to address root causes. Your programme, consisting of foods, supplemental nutrients and lifestyle measures, will be adjusted as you progress. The number of consultations depends on individual circumstances.


At times, Josephine may recommend other therapies to support your healing.


Once you feel well, she encourages periodic review to help you stay on track with your health.