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Lab Testing

Appropriate testing provides clarity and valuable insights into what’s driving the imbalances in your body systems, giving rise to your set of symptoms.

We employ both conventional medical and advanced functional evaluations to guide your personalized programme with greater precision.

Test Kit Instructions

Dutch Complete and Adrenal Hormones Test
GI Map Stool Test

Here are some examples of tests we may recommend:

Conventional blood chemistry, haematology, lipids, anaemia, vitamin D, thyroid function and hormones.

Comprehensive stool analysis using PCR (DNA), immunoassay and microscopic techniques

Hormonal and adrenal status via urine or saliva

LDL cholesterol subfractions and oxidized LDL

Iodine and halides post loading test via urine

Organix acids via urine

Functional nutritional assessment via urine

Fatty acids

Nutrigenomic – various DNA tests to understand your genetic predisposition in weight management, oestrogen metabolism, sports performance, chronic health issues, inflammation, detoxification and methylation.